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lo2LightningObjects (LO) is a C++  mapping layer written on top of the LMDB Key/Value Store. It delivers highly performant and easy to use transactional C++ object persistence based on one of the fastes database technologies in the market. LO was 100% developed by our staff 100% and released under Open Source License.

Relational Databases

although called outdated many times already, relational database technology has survived all its supposed successors and proven to be a solid, flexible and powerful solution for storing business data. Even in times of “NoSQL” databases the advantages of an explicitly stored database schema cannot be denied.

We support our customers in integrating relational data sources into their Software. Although we have rich experience in creating  objekt-relational mapping tools ourselves, nowadays we rely on ready made and proven solutions. In the java world, this is EJB 3.0 resp. JPA resp. Hibernate. For C++ our choice is the Open Source product ODB from CodeSynthesis.